Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My New blog is still disorganized.

So I made a new blog mainly for travelling topics called Wandering Feet.
But unfortunately, I did bombard it with lots of photos, thus making it look like a haywire.
I got lots of comments and suggestions from people regarding correct formatting and sequence arrangements. Oh well, looks like I still have a lot to learn with regards to blogging.

Anyway, can somebody teach me how to add image slider on each of my blogger posts?
I kept on looking for examples over the internet and yet, most of them are image slider for gadgets. What I need is an image slider for posts.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My New Blog (Check it out)

So I've been in a long blogging hiatus. I can't even remember when I did my last post.
But nevermind, here I am back on my keyboard and squeezing my brains out for words.

I've been travelling around the Philippines for quite a while already. For each destinations that I've been to, there's always this feeling of awe which I, myself. could not contain. You just can't help but feel overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of Philippines. That may be one of the reasons why it is more fun in my home country.

So, I decided to revisit back my blogging and make it as my shock absorber from being overwhelmed. I created another blog where I put all my experiences of travelling and wandering within the Philippines and hopefully abroad. You can check it out here Wandering Feet. Currently there is no post yet **currently constructing the first one, and hopefully I'll be able to finish this in no time. Fingers crossed.**