Friday, August 24, 2012

How did my Singapore trip came up? (My blogging come back.)

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate myself for being able to blog again.
We'll I was kinda bit lazy to blog lately, but I was recently motivated to blog again due to one
of my friends, ** A shout-out to Ms. Kresia Ramas! ** who's been very active in blogging.
I always get notifications in facebook regarding a new post, just to see her blog post in my news feed.
** I don't know how she did it, but she managed to connect her blog post with facebook. **
I tried following her blog, but **WhatDaMadaForkingHair?**, I noticed she has more than 1 blog.
**Shit! How did she manage to maintain lots of blogs, when I can't even manage my single blog?!**
**Now I feel degraded.**

**But let's get back to our main topic, shall we?**

It started with a simple half-joke-half-meant suggestion.

Last November 2011 (sorry if I forgot the exact date), while I was bored and surfing the net,
I bumped in to one of the country's famous budget airline's site.
Then I noticed there were lots of air fare promo for flights bound from Cebu to other countries including Singapore. Coincidentally, my sister (who is basing in Singapore) sent me a message asking if we (me, my mom and dad) are interested in visiting her in Singapore, and immediately I replied "Why not?" in a split-second. (though my reply was half-meant).

**Well of course, we would love to, specially me. But, hey, we don't have the money to spend.**

And so, just a matter of days we got our ticket.

**Shit! I can't even remember how did that happened. But, never mind.**

Okay, so we already have our tickets, and we'll be leaving Cebu on January 20, 2012 and be back on January 31, 2012.

And so, I've been working like a dog for the time span between November 2011 up to our scheduled departure date, just to be able to gather money so that I can have my personal pocket money for our trip.
I didn't even spent my Christmas bonus and my 13th month pay.
** Oh my! I can't even remember what was in my Christmas wish list then. **

Coincidentally, my auntie (who is also basing in Singapore) booked a flight for 2 (for my grandma and grandpa) bound to Singapore as well. Coincidentally, we have the same flight details.
And so, we met each other in the airport. We checked-in together and coincidentally, we have adjacent seats.

**Was that a sign or something? Or was it just me who's been giving meanings to everything that happened?**

And so we boarded on our plane and remained seated there for the next 4+ hours,** 'till our asses hurt  ** before we kiss the land of the Merlion.

Expectations, Excitement, Anxiety and every-other-else **never mind the farts, hahaha** mixed in the thin air as we waited for our plane to touch-down.

So there you have it. That's how the Singapore trip started, just a simple half-joke-half-meant conversation turned into a memorable experience.

Good day folks!

** Shit I almost forgot, I need to pack-up because I will be hitting Boracay in just a few hours! weeepeee!!!! I promise I will have another detailed post of my Singapore, and intra-Philippine trips. But, that's just it for now. Gotta go and PACK! **

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  1. Hahaha! Thanks sa special mention j! :D Ahahaha! Adik man gud ko ug organizing galore..daghan ayo ko blog for different churvas in my life...lahi ang uban pang ka-charrotan! :D

    Blogging has become my comfort. Mas sayon man i-write kysa mu-call a friend to listen to all my stories..hehe! Then if i-write sad nko, mabasa nko balik...I love memories! I love to know where I've been and mao!

    Hope ma-active naka puhon! :) Goodluck sa Boracay trip!