Monday, October 10, 2011

1st blog post (my rant of my daily routine and introduction to blogging)

Seriously, this post may bore you since this is just my rant and a topic that might be out of your interest. But yeah, since this is my first post, you might be considerate enough to read through. Good Luck!

Okay, now I've been out from my previous work for almost 3 months now. Being a programmer can really stress and strain you to the extremities.

For this past months, I've been busy doing the usual "wake-up -> eat -> BORING STUFFS -> sleep ->and the cycle back". For the first few weeks I'm kinda like... YEAH MAN! I'M ON A VACATION!.. No work to worry about. Just chillaxin' and repairing my spine back. And I loved it! But I must admit, doing this routine for almost 3 months straight.. Seriously!? Give me some break. I'm getting sick of it. I have to be productive.

Yeah, so today I woke up and suddenly decided to make a blog. Weird! Of all other things, why blogging?! Anyway, today... I also washed my rubber shoes... Weepee! (round of applause for me please) clap* clap* clap*.  Well, that's already an accomplishment for me for breaking my usual routine. (Really?! Wow! This guy sucks man!!). Nah! Okay, now back to blogging. This is my first *ever* blog, well I'm still learning how to blog. And I am still on the middle of exploring on how this stuff works.

"Hey! Can someone help me how to redesign this blog and add images to my post?! (Yeah, I really suck with this!)"

Hope I can find interesting topics to post soon *cross-fingers*. Good Luck to me and to my blogging!..
See Yah!

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  1. welcome janjita! hehehe!
    naa ra may daghan nice templates :D
    explore2x lang! :)