Wednesday, October 12, 2011

blogging... is it really this hard?

I'm supposed to post a topic regarding my photography addiction and **desire**... But you see, I still find it hard to organize my thoughts and find the good words. See? I even quoted "desire" because I doubt it fits the content.

Plus, I'm in no mood for blogging this late at night. I need to sleep early. I'm tired.
And so.. I changed the post title and overwritten the  contents..
(oops I slept) **seriously***
Let me take my time, and I'll post what I am suppoooowwsed to post tonight.


Wish me luck. (^^,)...

***Welcome me back dreamland***

Now... where's my bed?



  1. What time did you do this post?! You woke up early in the morning then sleep again?
    I wonder if you enabled your notification for comments :D

    Just write from your heart...all will be well. Don't stress yourself with the contents just write what you thought is OK. Anyway, no one would jail your for writing crap :D Hahahaha!

  2. No, account timezone is a shipwreck.. I don't know what happened. I don;t how to reconfigure it. Anyway, I posted this October 12, 2011 11:30 pm.

  3. The hell with my timezone. See? I am posting this second comment on mine October 13, 2011 3:02 pm, right after I posted my first comment **above**