Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rest in Peace GIANTS...

October of this year 2011, two of the computing world giants just parted and flew to the VOID.

Last October 5, the whole Apple circle (family, fanatics and etc.) wept due to the death of their most beloved CEO Steve Jobs.

For those who doesn't know Steve Jobs... Well, he's just the one behind the success of Apple Inc. and one of the men behind Macintosh (modern day known as Mac). You know... iPhone, iPod, iPad, iBrow, iLid, iEtc ***just kidding hihihi***.

Steve Jobs died 3:00 pm at his home in *somewhere* California. He died due to respiratory arrest caused by pancreatic tumor, which he's been suffering for a couple of months (?) or years (?) already.

Three days after, another giant died.

**like...What the hell is happening man? Is this Apocalypse? lol**

Last October 8, Dennis Ritchie died.
Dennis Ritchie was the man behind C programming language and one behind Unix. All programmers are paying tribute to him for all that he contributed to the computing world. C has always been a part of every programmer's life. It's been the basic tool and the initial language for most of the programmers in the world. **If not,..well, at least here in the Philippines it is**. 

People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and etc. wouldn't be in their position if it was not because of Dennis Ritchie. He is and will always be the pioneer of computing innovation.

**A little trivia. Did you know that most of the computer applications and programs you are using today are, if not made, then based on C language?**

Yes! That's how big Dennis Ritchie contributed to the computing world and technology.
Hands down to Dennis Ritchie!!!

It is so sad, that two of the greatest innovators have to leave.

**Maybe they've been called in order to automate the heavens..Like, why need to go through pages of the Book of Life when you can have an APP for that? Hahaha just joking**. 

I mean, if Steve Jobs could have been alive today, who knows what else he might bring to us.. iCar? iHouse? iHuman?. **apple fans, please don't take my jokes seriously**.
Dennis Ritchie could have developed another language D, or E, or F. You know what I mean?

But as what they say.. "A generation must give way to the new ones".
 **We'll see.**

If you want to know more regarding the two people I am referring, just click through the links below.

Setve Jobs ->
Dennis Ritchie ->

And for the two great innovators...
Thank you and may you rest in peace.
**Hope to see iProducts in heaven soon. (^^,)**

'Till next time.


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